Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Restaurant: Korea House

We had an excellent dinner tonight at Korea House in the Park N Shop. The atmosphere was great. The owner hovered around us offering more food and encouraging us to eat the side dishes getting less attention. The barbecued beef dish was very well done and for $15 could feed 3-4 people. So yeah for Korea House, especially after last night's disappointing dinner.

I still cringe when the reviews mention the Park N' Shop:
  • A gem located in a spooky, decrepit Concord strip mall.
  • Then some of my teammates dragged my tasteless ass to what appeared to be the scariest strip center this side of...well...Concord.
  • The problem I have is that Park n Shop is the cities Ghetto Mall.

I think we'll have some customers that will venture into the heart of Park N Shop and find wonderful finds like Korea House. Others can just skirt the outskirts of the mall on the quieter side, where Black Diamond will be located.

My business partners are encouraging me more towards that security camera system....

Before dinner we re-measured the store now that construction is complete. This will let me revise the floor plan, which I'll probably post tomorrow. I think we may have lost at least one game table due to a structural pole. That will be our new storage area or possibly a painting station.


  1. The Park N Shop seems to have a bit of a dual personality. The south side seems to have a bit of that "ghetto mall" feeling, but the north side where Fry's is and where you are going to be seems more open and inviting. I realize that the two sections are back to back, but that's just the impression I get.

  2. Even the South side is improving (the fabric store, etc). The biggest problem is the layout of the parking lot along Willow Pass.