Sunday, September 9, 2007

D&D 4 Poll

There's an interesting poll at Enworld asking players what they like best of the proposed D&D 4.0 changes. The top 5:

  1. Less reliance on magic items (62% of respondents). This is that character wealth issue that's been done away with.
  2. De-focus on Vancian magic (55%)
  3. Talent Trees (44%). "At odd-numbered levels, you select a talent, which lets you do something unique in much the same way that class features did under the old rules."
  4. Revised Grappling (41%)
  5. Weapon special abilities (40%). This is where each weapon can do special attacks, not just a different die type of damage.
This is out of a pretty good sample of over 2000 users.

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