Friday, September 7, 2007

Windows and Bookcases

You know that film that forms on the inside of your windshield? Imagine cleaning a windshield that's twenty-five feet wide and twelve feet tall. That's what I did today. Five hours of cleaning the windows, inside and out. A good part of that was taking a razor blade to what looked like a decade of tape and sticker residue. It looks good though.

The other half of the day was receiving seven new bookcases from Newood. These commercial bookcases are eight feet tall and can interconnect with each other. Below is a photo of the single unit we built. We've got a three bookcase unit and a four bookcase unit we're building tomorrow.

As I left this evening, the wiring guys were hard at work. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting them at the store to remove all the remaining slatwall.

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