Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rackham News

A pre-painted Confrontation starter was announced today. The more I think about their bankruptcy/re-organization, the more I think it may just be a standard financial tactic in France, kind of like a "time-out" in a children's game.

Here are some details on French bankruptcy:
  • Courts in France take over the bankruptcy procedure with the primary goal of preserving jobs, rather than paying creditors.
  • In France, managers of a company are legally responsible for reporting financial troubles, with criminal penalties if they don't report them in a "timely fashion." To me this says they're likely to declare bankruptcy far sooner than a troubled company elsewhere. That would be a good sign except for the last point below.
  • Despite the benefits, French bankruptcy recovery rates are very low (39%).
This is from a a dry but interesting European bankruptcy article here.

Anyway, with an $80 price tag, I'm assuming the starter set will look a lot like the AT-43 starter set. I know a lot of people will be scavenging their smaller box sets for fantasy terrain (myself included).

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