Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Move Photos

Here are just a few photos from the move. There was an entire legion of packers and organizers in the store doing a fantastic job. Mistress Jess, especially, coordinated packing the store like an expert.

Here's Andy sliding in a comic book rack. Andy likes comic books.

David and Andy in the truck. Joe is on the left, coordinating what to do next. Warmachine Dave is on the right, probably about to lift something too heavy for mere mortals.

It's always nerve wracking to follow your own car. One of the few insurance scenarios in which I don't have coverage is if one of my vehicles hits another. Michael was driving my car during the move, transporting sensitive electronics, glass and other fragile items.

This is a strange intersection because I'm actually still in the store parking lot. I never figured out how to make this turn without going over the curb.

Five-speed manual transmission. Gears 1-3 are all about getting the truck off from a stop. I never drove it more than about 40 miles an hour during the move.

Grizzled truck driver, or Vladimir Lenin?

Umm, yeah, perhaps moving the vending machine with the sodas still inside wasn't a great idea. A can burst within seconds. Here I'm inserting quarters into the machine to unload the cans while kneeling on the lift gate.

Pallet wrap worked wonderfully. We would pallet wrap everything, including paint racks and wheeled gondolas. The wheeled gondolas easily rolled into the parking lot. With a couple people gently lifting the front, they rolled onto the lift gate of the truck. The only problem was the lip of the doorway into the new store. That required a little more man handling.

Despite shrink wrapping the board games in place, we ended up completely re-organizing them on the other end.

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