Monday, September 17, 2007


I spent most of the day at the old store, as we call it now. We just concluded the worst week in two years. I ascribe that to the wonderful decor and the absence of the main sales guy.

I had a pinprick hole in one of my wheels and the Mazda dealership is within walking distance. That's right, a hole in the metal wheel, not the rubber tire. It was strange enough that they needed the service manager to approve a replacement. It was a $350 wheel, so I was glad to have it covered under warranty. Anyway, that had me grounded until around 4pm when I could get over to the new store. I really like my Mazda 6, but it seems to spend a lot of time at the dealership.

When I arrived at the new store, I learned that my yelling at the property manager had finally done the trick and my electrician now had access to the telephone closet. Within another hour we had phone service, which means the alarm system can be wrapped up tomorrow and the DSL installed on Wednesday.

Would you believe it took 3 hours to load the beverage merchandiser (drink cooler)? Part of that was realizing the shelves weren't aligned properly and attempting to adjust them. Some of the backs were higher or lower than the fronts. Rather than spend the time to take the drinks off, we came up with elaborate ways to lift the shelves, such as balancing rubber mallets. Yeah, sometimes it's best to come back when you're not so tired.

My car loaded down with $300 worth of beverages. Notice how pretty my digital camera takes photos compared to my crappy cell phone. High fructose corn syrup never looked so good. I had to bring over the good camera to take photos of the messed up table we got. One of the legs is glued in upside down, so half the shelves won't fit.

Still room! I went out tonight and filled in some of the beverage holes: Diet A&W Root Beer (happy Joe?) , Canada Dry, Squirt (one of my favorites) and Barrilito Tamarind Soda from Mexico. Hey, Concord is 25% Hispanic. Actually, it's one of my favorites as well.

David and Joe stayed late Saturday night putting the GF9 racks together. They mark the entrance to our game center. Looking at them now, I'm not sure we want different gondola types so obviously put next to each other.

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