Saturday, September 8, 2007


I bought 29" stools at late last night. These are for around the terrain tables. We did a slip test yesterday with the Race Deck flooring and a sample stool. The Race Deck is a bit slippery, but we learned the decking is also flexible and gives a little under weight. The weight of a person on a stool pressing it into the flooring offsets the slickness of the floor. The flooring also has a raised pattern to avoid slipping, even if wet.

Next is finding a couple of comfy chairs and an end-table for our little lounge area. This is that welcome rest spot where mom's can take a break while their kids shop. I know from experience how important this can be in prolonging junior's shopping. It's also nice to have a chance to talk to the adult for a change, something stay at home parents appreciate as well.

I found two cool chairs on, but shipping was too high. Like store fixtures, shipping from too far away can often be as expensive as the item shipped. The stools are already incredibly expensive to ship, but they were still cheaper than everyone else with shipping included. Then I remembered that the new store is in a little Concord furniture ghetto. There are two furniture places in my little strip mall alone, with several others within walking distance. I'm sure I'll find something and with free shipping.

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