Monday, September 3, 2007

My Media

I've been reading Spirit of the Century, a great role-playing book with excellent ideas. I sold 5 of them at Conquest, a convention where everyone's RPG sales were in the toilet.

I've also managed to keep up with my Economist subscription. I'll feel sad and ill informed when that runs out. It's way too expensive to afford on my own. I may have to justify it though.

Netflix has been good to me. I've become a Deadwood addict. I just can't get enough of it. I was initially repelled by it's profane nature, but I've come to appreciate every character in the show. Swearengen is my favorite character, a flawed anti-hero, much like Omar on The Wire.

could easily be the Al Swearengen show if they weren't careful.
I was amused to learn tonight that the actor who plays Swearengen, Ian McShane has an English accent.

At the top of the queue are two items with Long Wait next to them: Rome Season 2, Disc 1 and Heroes Season 1, Disc 1. Folks at Conquest gave me the heads-up on Heroes so I hope to give it a shot.

I'm finding I don't have time to watch a movie with a two-year old in the house. I can try, with lots of interruptions, but it usually ruins the experience. It's much easier to slip in a 40-60 minute TV episode on DVD.

When it comes to games, I've been a bit tired on our board game nights so I prefer ones I already know how to play. Tikal is my favorite game for the replay value. As for RPG's, our D&D group is on hiatus until well after the move, so I'm ramping up for a Spirit of the Century game that's filling in for my Iron Ptolus. The Mystery Man character type appeals to me most, along with the exotic foreigner.

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