Tuesday, September 11, 2007


If you're following my posts and my predictions for what's next, you'll notice how often I'm wrong, delayed or have problems like wrong parts. I've given the project enough extra time to not sweat the small stuff, at least two weeks before opening.

Half the time I've forgotten what's in a shipment, since I ordered them several months ago. Other times I'm relying on volunteer labor to help get things together, like the slatwall and wiring. If someone has to work late, things might not get done. As long as they get done before I'm open, I'm fine with it.

Painting with broad brush strokes, it looks like this:
Opening, minus 3 weeks: Fixtures arrive in a hodgepodge of random scheduling and delays.
Opening, minus 2 weeks: More fixtures. Toys begin arriving randomly.
Opening, minus 1 week: More toys, office stuff and more complex inventory gets moved in. Hopefully the build-out is close to being done.
Opening week: Move everything in. All we really need to have is electricity and phone/Internet.

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