Thursday, September 6, 2007

Race Deck

The first thing I bought before I even knew we were moving was Race Deck. This interlocking tile is in black and purple, our store colors. It comes from Paizo Publishing, the once publishers of Dungeon and Dragon magazines. They used it as trade show flooring and I got a great deal on it on eBay. The flooring covers about half the game center. I'm using it to designate the miniature gaming area, where we'll have 4x8 terrain tables. This took about 5 hours for me to install, in case you were wondering.

Also today:
  • Sign permit initiated. I'm working with the sign guy to get dimensions tomorrow morning.
  • Received business license. They mailed it to the house, but I got another copy since I was there.
  • Storage racks built. We've got several storage racks and a workbench in the storage area now along with a rack in the game center for terrain and board games.
  • Drink cooler arrives tomorrow.
  • Some fixtures arrive tomorrow. The extended cash wrap fixtures and a couple of gondolas.
  • Telephone lines working. They're working in the phone closet but I need lines run inside.

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